Month: December 2013

I Resolve: Monday Heretic Style


By all rights, I should have abandoned my old blog and started a new one after the new year. But hey, I wanted to post on Mondays, and it’s a cultural construct that the year starts on January 1st anyway. If we always waited for the time we were “supposed” to do cool new things, we’d never get them done.

So here we are. My tentative plan is to post on Mondays and Thursdays. It’s a little dangerous to put thoughts about God out for everyone else to see. (What if I’m wrong? Or what if I’m right and everyone hates me? Does anyone even care what I think? Is it a sin if I don’t capitalize pronouns referring to God? If 58% of Christians pray for Jesus to come back before work on Mondays, does that mean that Jesus is guaranteed not to come back on a Monday morning since no one is supposed to be able to predict when he’ll come?)

But, after having all of these thoughts in about that order, I realized that, really, all theology is amateur theology. (Unless you’re God, in which case I’m so honored that you’re reading this blog and please be sure to leave a comment.)


As we start a new year, here are a few of my New Year’s Resolutions that relate to the purpose of this blog. You should probably join me in some of them, mostly because I’m selfish and hate doing things alone. (more…)