Biblical Myers Briggs Types

In case you ever wanted to know which apostles were introverts or how organized your favorite prophet was, here’s a fun chart I found, created by InterVarsity. (If you don’t know your Myers Briggs type, I created an unofficial quiz a while ago.)

biblemyersbriggsHere are a few of my observations:

  •  What on earth? I am completely not Peter! I make fun of him basically all the time. I mean, I never blurt out things without thinking, or jump to conclusions, or care too much about what others think of me, or…wait. Well played, InterVarsity. Well played.
  •  Also, my twin sister has the same personality type as Luke. That’s pretty cool. We’re the apostle siblings!
  •  How did they determine a type for the prodigal son? I mean, he gets two lines, and we don’t really see how he interacts with others at all.
  •  Bet it was hard for David and Solomon to understand each other if they really were completely opposite personality types.
  • Fun fact: studies have found that when you ask people whether Jesus was an introvert or extrovert, they are most likely to answer whatever they happen to be. According to this, though, if he took after his mom, he’d be an introvert.
  •  Why couldn’t Jonathan be my personality type? Or Barnabas. I love those guys. They’re both only one letter off…maybe I could become an introvert. Or organized. (At this point, anyone who knows me should be laughing hysterically.)
  •  Is it bad that I was really disappointed that Jezebel and Rahab weren’t on this list? I feel like that would be interesting. Also, Moses. He’s kind of a big deal—why didn’t he make the cut?
  •  I appreciate the artist for not making these characters blonde white people. (Does that have anything to do with personality types? No. But it needed to be said.)
  •  Since David is my least favorite major Bible character, should my nemesis be an ESFJ? (Yes, I realize that this makes me an awful Christian since David was a man after God’s own heart. But we all secretly have a Bible hero who we wouldn’t get along with in real life. Admit it.)
  •  Why make the ISTP Laban? He’s the only villain on this chart. Not cool, InterVarsity. Are you trying to give all ISTPs self-esteem problems?
  •  Three of the four women on this chart are thinkers rather than feelers, and also extroverts, which is unexpected. Although, to be fair, to be a named character in the Bible, particularly as a women, you usually have to make some noise.

Your turn: first of all, what is your Myers Briggs type? Also, if you have any guesses on a type for a character not listed here, I’d love to hear them.


  1. Aww, I’m like Solomon! INTP. 😀 I pretty much predicted the introvert part, at least. 😉 I wish Samson was on there. That would be pretty interesting. 😉 I’m pretty sure he’d be an extrovert. Great text. Now I shall test my characters. ;D

  2. I’m an INFP, so Barnabas according to this. Honestly, most of this seems off to me. Peter seems borderline E/I and more likely S to N. I would have probably said Barnabas was the ENFP. Other things I have seen place both Mary and John as INFP. (Not really sure about Laban’s typing either. It seems plenty of other Biblical characters could fill that ISTP spot.)

  3. I’m an ISTP so the Laban thing was super disappointing 😦

    However, if I’m honest, the Bible character I’ve often identified with the most is Rahab. 🙂 I think she was probably an ISTP.

    Resourceful, pragmatic, broke the rules, strong (being a prostitute is a very hard thing to mentally withstand — an ISTP could do it), clearly she was caring for family members in her household and willing to do whatever it took to protect them, risk taking, quick thinking, and — she was the last one standing when the siege was over. 🙂
    Yeah… she’s my girl. lol

  4. I found this kind of later than the rest of you. But, I’m an INTJ. Female. Yep, we do exist! Although most churches would rather we didn’t, unless we’re willing to “ESFx for Jesus”. This chart says I’m like Noah-awesome! I’ll take that. I really love animals!

    Every site I’ve seen types Deborah as ENTJ/ESTJ. I say, she’s like me: INTJ! Reasons: 1.Military Strategy.
    2. Female in a very nontraditional role. ESTJ?? No way! They’re uber-guardians, aggressively and extrovertedly in love with normalcy, traditional gender roles, rules, and the status quo. These traits, used properly, have incredible value in the orderliness of society, family, and church-but they don’t lend themselves to gender-bender roles. My guess? Many ESxJ females at that time disapproved of Deborah. (Other ESxJ women were secretly cheering for her, though…)
    3. She was a prophetess-strong, dominant Introverted Intuition. Although, let’s face it, the Lord could gift anyone He wanted with prophecy. All this is just speculation and fun, really. However, I do wonder if our personality is given to us for a reason and could reflect spiritual pathways to potential gifts.
    4. People came to her to settle disputes-she was a Judge. INTJ all the way, there. Justice is one of our highest values. Our unique ability to see both the big picture and the details makes us very good at seeing through manipulation and nonsense to make fair, objective, and logical decisions, not being swayed by charisma, popularity, politics, or insincere emotional entreaties.

    INTJs may be a pain in the modern churches’ backsides, as we don’t fit their man-created stereotype of what a Christian, especially an emotional, social, nurturing Christian woman!-is ‘supposed’ to be. But at our hearts, we are seekers of ultimate Truth, not wanting to interpret something in a certain way just ’cause it makes us feel good or validated. There are few of us-and I think it’s that way for a reason: our purpose is very specific, and requires our unique way of operating. Hey, Noah was seriously unique, right? Hmmm…find the right guy to build and live on a giant Ark for survival of a watery apocalypse, with appropriate examples of all species on the planet! Sounds about right for an INTJ to me!

    1. Varg Vikernes (Burzum) and Adam “Nergal” Darsky (Behemoth’s frontman) are INTJ… Varg was in prison for setting several churches on fire and Adam was sued for blasphemy (tearing Bible apart while his live show. :)))))
      INTPs share the same view toward fideism yet mean no harm… they just imply it…

  5. I’ve read somewhere that Jesus is INFJ, Satan is ENTJ, Archangel Michael is INFP, Gabriel is ISTJ and… God… is… INTP!!!!

    1. Ha! That’s funny. I have no idea how someone came up with those, and I think God for sure doesn’t have a Myers Briggs type. But I did have a professor who asked students whether they thought Jesus was an introvert or extrovert…90% of the time, they picked what they were! Says something about us…

  6. I don’t know about King David being an ISFJ. You need to remember that David originally was a a dreamer watching the stars as he sang to the sheep. He also was creative in writing the psalms which painted the Lords personality as loving and gracious, which was taken in the context was different from the typical view of the rule giving and sacrificial of the old testament that was adapted since Moses. He viewed it his goal to have a personal relationship with God and often did it privately. ‘

    Additionally, God didn’t always choose natural leaders but people He could work through, to show his glory, example Moses. Neither, Moses or David followed the law of the time period, they may have see injustice but the J in Myers Brigs is about order not justice, how flexible someone is in the way they live. While ISFJs are generally known as the Defender, David defeated Goliath by calling on the Lord for help, guidance and courage. David was anointed as King by Samuel because of his heart and caring nature. Did David struggle? Definitely.

    I think King David was probably an INFP… the passionate idealist.

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