Blog Birthday Party!

About four years ago, I said, “Hey, I’m going to start a blog and write on it at least once a week.” I pretty much assumed this would end up in the Graveyard of Well Intentioned Beginnings, because I’m an ENFP, and that’s what we do apparently. But here we are, several hundred posts later. This is the one-year birthday of this particular blog, which I enjoy writing so much it shouldn’t be allowed.

Downside to the title of this blog...I have positive connotations when I hear the word "heresy."

Downside to the title of this blog…I have positive connotations when I hear the word “heresy.”

As I typically do, here are some year-end highlights in case you aren’t my mom and didn’t read every single post. Or if you’re just dying for some bonus heresy.

Most Popular Post

Three Lessons Frozen Taught Me

This should surprise absolutely no one, given that you can’t exist in the world without hearing someone imitating Elsa. (No one will safely be able to say “Just let it go!” in anger ever again.)

Summary Quote: “Love is a gloves-off, open-gates approach to life that isn’t afraid to let other people in and make them feel welcome.”

The bigger surprise is the one that came in second, just a few hundred views shy, Why I Don’t Wear Jeans To Church. This is also my favorite of the posts that basically explain “Why I Do Whatever-it-is,” because it makes no sense at first, and also because I didn’t offend anyone (I was kind of afraid I would).

Summary Quote: “The short answer is ‘because of a British demon.’”


My Favorite Series

Scenes with the Pharisees

Seriously, those are so much fun to write. And, weirdly, they make me understand and care about the actual real-life people they’re based on, even the disciples.

My Favorite “Young Amy Story”

Sticks and Stones

Even with all the silly and/or ridiculous childhood stories I’ve decided to share with the Internet, this one is still my favorite, partially because it was really hard to write, and because I know so many teenagers who needed to hear it.

Summary Quote: “We have the wrong idea of what it means to show others God’s love, I think. It’s not always dramatic. It’s…refusing to believe that any labels—yours, mine, that kid who no one notices—are true indicators of worth.”

My Favorite Theologian Thursday

When God Feels Distant, Part Two

Also part one. But part two is less depressing. I think it’s important that Christians get comfortable with real, sometimes painful, emotions. (Also, Theologian Thursday is something I did in the first half of this year when I posted twice a week. You know…on Thursdays.)

Summary Quote: “We take the dark night of the soul and string up icicle lights and disco balls and glow-in-the-dark smiley face decals. ‘What? Nothing wrong here. Can’t you see how great my life is? It’s just a party! All the time!’”


My Five Favorite Posts

The Death of a Rose

Summary quote: “It’s why I make fun of plastic poinsettias and love antiques and write letters and decorate cupcakes that are just going to be eaten and pay money to go to orchestra concerts even though the music fades with the last applause.”

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Summary Quote: “Are we as Christians supposed to be adventurers and wanderers, catching the next train like a hobo in the night, always moving, always waiting for that elusive feeling that we’ve arrived and never quite reaching it?”

The Philadelphia Story and Total Depravity

Summary Quote: “The problem is, we tend to have compassion for our own frailty, but not others’.”

The Problem with Hipster Christianity

Summary Quote: “It’s very, very easy to move from graciously disagreeing with someone to mocking them in a disrespectful way or dismissing them entirely. Because that’s cooler. That’s funnier. That’s more sensational.”

Why We’re Terrible At Accepting Compliments

Summary Quote: “When you’ve done a task well, received recognition, had your name announced as the most likely to do something awesome, there is that terrible sense of foreboding: what if I can’t live up to this?”

It’s been a great year, guys. Thanks so much for joining me!

What topic/question/pop culture reference/theologian would you like to see addressed on The Monday Heretic next year? Now’s your chance to suggest any and all ideas!



  1. Thanks for your insightful posts that continue to challenge this INTJ to listen to my heart and spirit equally to my mind in all that I do. Have you read anything from the theologian and physicist John Polkinghorne? I was introduced to him at Taylor and am still impacted by his writings today. A personal goal of mine this year is to read more from the Inklings, so I would be curious your insights and comments of some of the other members such as Owen Barfield.

    1. Thanks, T.R.! I have not read Polkinghorne, but sounds fascinating. I’ve only read a bit from the non-Lewis Inklings (at a class at Taylor, actually). Sounds like a good goal!

  2. It as the “why I don’t wear jeans to church” post that really introduced me to the blog, and convinced me to follow it. I don’t wear jeans to church either, unless I’m at a kind of camp, and was curious to read the why behind someone else’s dress code.
    Happy Blog Birthday!

  3. I’d say Scenes with the Pharisees is my favorite series you’ve put together, too. I still say it would be fun to see someone actually put together some kind of performance with them. You’ve got some good stuff put together there.

    It may also be worth noting that as long as you’re mentioning it, the Frozen-related posts were actually what brought me here in the first place via a Frozen forum thread.

  4. I read all your posts, Amy, and some I fully relate to, some I relate to a bit and some not at all (It’s probably my age!). Some have greatly encouraged me, some have made me think (rethink), and some have made me scratch my head…but keep them coming. Thank you.

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