Taking Time to Rest

So, there’s this story about Mary and Martha in the Bible.

I love this illustration. Especially Martha's expression.

I love this illustration. Especially Martha’s expression.

I was reading it yesterday and thinking about various things, and God was like, “That story. Did you notice the point of that story?”

“Of course. I just read it.”

“Maybe you should put that point into practice.”

This seemed like a great idea, so I started to write a blog post about the importance of rest and spending time with God instead of doing things for him. Because obviously, that’s what God meant.

All the while, I felt like maybe I shouldn’t assume that all of my application of God’s word involves just thinking or writing about things instead of actually doing something. Or in this case, I guess, not doing something.

Then my computer randomly shut down and the blog post didn’t restore in my documents like it normally does.

Point taken.

There will be no actual post today. I’m getting a babysitter for the blog so I can do a little less talking and a little more listening. Unfortunately, she’s the kind of babysitter who just pops in a movie and does her nails the whole time. Fortunately, she has good taste in movies, or clips from my favorite series of kids’ movies: What’s in the Bible?. (It basically traces the story of redemption through every book of the Old and New Testament…with puppets! Seriously, bonus points to Phil Vischer for including both the question of why the Israelites killed all the people in the Promised Land and a discussion of Song of Solomon.)

Have fun, kids. Don’t stay up too late. Get all your homework done. And don’t tell the babysitter that your parents always let you eat three Fudgesicles and a bag of Cheetos for dinner. She won’t believe you anyway.


    1. I feel like God knows that I learn well through dramatic irony. That seems to be how a lot of my lessons are learned. And yep, I think that’s a pretty common struggle for writers.

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