“Love at First Fight” Valentines

This one’s a little different than my past Valentine’s Day series, which were more focused (Theologian Valentines and Lord of the Rings Valentines). But I have to say, I enjoy a good story where lovers start out as fighters.

If your romance started out with conflict (or at least some witty banter), these cards are for you. Enjoy!

We’ll be back to our regularly-scheduled blogging next week. Happy Valentine’s Day from the Monday Heretic!

Any suggestions for other lovers and fighters?




  1. That Star Wars one is perfect! X^D

    If you extend to the Lucasverse EU, you could also have one for Luke and Mara, since their relationship started out with Mara assigned to kill him as her last assignment from Palpatine before they finally hooked up years later.

  2. I had hoped for a new round of Valentines from this blog, and it did not disappoint. 🙂

    My suggestion for lovers and fighters is Smirnov and Popova from “The Bear” by Anton Chekhov. It’s an obscure suggestion, but after acting in a production of “The Bear” back in high school, I can’t help but remember it fondly. In just a couple of minutes, Popova and Smirnov go from preparing to duel to the death with pistols to declaring their undying love for each other. True romance.

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