Star Wars Valentines

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! (That’s a thing, right? Like, where you eat carrot sticks and rice so you can eat too much chocolate the next day?)

It’s become a tradition on the blog to put up a page of homemade Valentines in February. This year’s round is for my sister, a big Star Wars fan. (You’re welcome, kid!)

Do some of these probably already exist out in Internet-land? Yes. Are there about a billion Star Wars valentines being sold every second today to young padawans who have class parties tomorrow? Yes. Did I still really want brooding Anakin on a valentine of my own? Also yes.

I could have gone on for dozens of punny slogans, but here are a few. Put more ideas in the comments…I love reading them! And check out the Theologian, Lord of the Rings, and love-at-first-fight valentines too if you need more.

Okay, friends: here’s your chance. You’ve got three trilogies (and an extended universe) of characters to write valentine mottos for. Go!


  1. “I don’t need a collection of hearts. Just yours.” – General Grevious

    “Your love is worth a lot to me” – Boba Fett

    “The very thought of you leaves me disarmed.” – Wampa

    “I am fluent in over 6 million forms of expressing my love for you.” – C-3PO

    “<3 Whew-whoo <3" – R2-D2

  2. You are sweeter than blue milk. – Aunt Beru

    I heart short stormtroopers – Leia

    I fall to pieces over you – C3PO

    Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh – Chewie

    I’d steal a droid for you – Jaws

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