Hobbit Birthday Party, Year Three!

Reasons I Want to be a Hobbit

  • Full pantries, including massive wheels of cheese.
  • The ability to make up all the riddles on the spot. Also random pub songs.
  • Adorable houses.
  • Occasional rogue strains of adventure in family trees.
  • Gardens and a love of growing things.

Not my actual birthday cake. I am not nearly that talented.

And, finally…fun birthday traditions, including giving gifts to other people.

Since I try to make my life as Shire-like as possible, this is my third year of handing out virtual “presents” to my friends on my birthday…fun, favorite, or interesting things on the Internet that I’ve enjoyed this year. Here you go! Enjoy!

The Shire: To help you in valuing food and cheer and song above hoarded gold.

Lothlorian: Because I really feel like Galadriel would be obsessed with Enneagram types (mystical, slightly judgy, etc.).

The Lonely Mountain: Hidden treasure!

Grey Havens: Dead people preserved in an unusual way.

Shelob’s Lair: Because sticky. (It’s a stretch, I realize, but the best I could do.)

Fangorn Forest: Anything nature would have worked here, but I happen to love trees.

Dead Marshes: Crazy shrunken dude in a swamp. Enough said.

If you want more presents, check out Year One and Year Two.

Feel free to suggest other Middle Earth locations for next year!


  1. when I saw the Sleeping at Last song, my jaw dropped. Literally one of my favourite songs!!! Awesome singer, thanks for putting it in here!

    1. Totally! I’m interested to see what he does with the rest of the Enneagram types. It’s a really interesting concept for a series of songs.

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