Hobbit Birthday Party, Year Four!

It’s my birthday tomorrow, which means it’s time for the longstanding tradition of…a Hobbit Birthday Party! As all you wannabe Bagginses, Boffins, Brandybucks, and Proudfoots (or Proudfeet) know, this is when the birthday celebrant gives gifts to friends and family instead of receiving them.

By this point, I’ve shared most of the fun corners of the Internet that I’ve discovered in my “presents” to all of you. Here are a few to add to the list, but be sure to check out Year One, Year Two, and Year Three if you haven’t already. (Total of 28 gifts and counting!)

The Green Dragon: Almost excessively British, and also heartwarming.

Mount Doom: Except this is a better kind of fire.

Farmer Maggot’s Garden: Amusing and…full of great smells? (It’s the best I could do.)

Rivendell: Helping you discover cool places just off the map.

Barrow-downs: Because some things are just creepy. (Except do yourself a favor and stick to the first season of this one.)

Beacons of Gondor: Because I always, *always* cheer out loud when I get to this part.

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