About Me

One day, I woke up and thought, Hey, theology matters. 

That’s probably not how it happened at all. It was more like this.

Little Amy, sporting a trendy bowl cut, asked questions in Sunday School about why Noah looks happy when all his friends just drowned.

Jr. high Amy had a crisis of faith where she snuck 500 page apologetic books out of the library and read them under the covers with a flashlight because she thought having doubts made her a bad Christian.

High school Amy figured out she really liked writing.

College Amy realized that her spiritual gifts included sarcasm, asking hard questions, and getting other people to join her in discussions about interesting things.


This is me. Proof that I learned something official at some point.

Also in college, I accidentally got a Bible minor because I crammed my schedule with whatever looked interesting. And what could possibly be more interesting than diagramming the chiastic structure of the psalms and getting into arguments about gender roles in Pauline ethics? Not much, let me tell you.

Now, post-college, I’m reading some of the Christian classics to figure out how we got where we are and continuing to figure out how my faith applies to my life. My dream is to make twenty-somethings more known for their intelligent and gracious dialogue on spiritual issues than their YouTube comments and selfies.

Yep. I dream big.

Those are all just details. Basically, all you need to know about me and my authority to write about theology is this picture:

Be in awe of my fashion sense and spiritual excitement. Go ahead.

Be in awe of my fashion sense and spiritual excitement.

Looking forward to sharing my thoughts and hearing yours.



  1. Amy, what a GREAT site. You are doing a lot of what I have been trying to do for the past year: namely, to make people smile when they read theology. I’m a fan!

  2. Showed up here by “accident” because I was looking for a meme of ‘not all who wander are lost’, now I will have to read your blog. Sort of like Sarah Bessey, I am a former know it all. How I am different from her is that now I feel almost like a heretic…almost. Good thing I went looking for a picture.

  3. The entire time I was reading your bio, I kept saying out loud in the middle of Starbucks, “I love diagramming chiastic structure too!” and “What in the world, I love her.” So can we be friends? Because there is really nothing like having awesome lady theologian writer friends.

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for thinking of me! Right now, because of freelance and other obligations, I’m having to say no to guest posting. I may be able to in the future, though, so feel free to ask me again (possibly in the summer, when I would have more free time).

  4. I too found you by accident when I was looking for more information about an article I’d read online about ten things Christians should never do on social media by Amy Green. I read one of your blog posts and I love your passion, your sense of humor, and that you get just how exciting the Bible can be when we realize that there are answers here, God’s love is here, and delving into the lives of its figures and its life lessons can be life changing. And if it isn’t getting us excited because of the discoveries we’re making about God and how he impacts our lives, and how we can love him and others better, then this gives us added reason to explore the Bible more, because it can reveal why this is so. I’ve been attending church and sharing my thoughts with God since I was a kid. But I’ve been on a pretty awesome road of spiritual discovery for the last couple of years – including baptism – having dived into this amazing book (and perhaps the biggest love story ever told). It’s like, the deeper we go into God’s word, the more God reveals to us, because let’s face it, we all have questions about our value, worth and identity, and questions revolving around our humanness, love, grief, rejection, inadequacy, which can be hard to fathom. Ultimately, when we focus on God and the well being of others, we gain freedom because he breaks spiritual and emotional chains. So because we don’t have everything figured out, I’ll keep exploring it’s beautiful depths. Looking forward to reading your other blog posts. Could you write a book?

    1. Since I sent this comment I’ve discovered that you have written books. Awesome. You have such a beautiful way with words.

    2. I’m so glad that you found and are enjoying the blog, Helen! Thanks so much for sharing part of your story here. It’s always exciting to hear what God is up to in the lives of others. Love your obvious passion for the Bible!

  5. I came across your blog while doing research on Jadis(the white witch). I’m an atheist and am curious to know what you believe and why you believe it.

    1. Glad you found the blog, Vox! I enjoy how many good conversations it starts with people, here and in real life. It’s hard to summarize what I believe in a comment like this (even if you read every single post on The Monday Heretic, there would still be a lot of my beliefs you wouldn’t know about) but here’s a summary: I see the world through the lens of God redeeming everything for his glory. I believe our world as a whole and each individual person is deeply broken by evil—I see it in headlines and history and my own heart. I love the counter-cultural teachings of Jesus and the many ways truth is revealed in different genres of the Bible. I get excited about asking questions, telling and hearing stories, and having healthy dialogues (I hope you know lots of other Christians who love these things…it really does make discussing disagreements more productive and fun).

  6. I found your blog while googling questions I had after my bible study this morning and I am so excited to explore more of your posts! 🙂 Thank you for making this blog!

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