About Be A Heretic Monday


Be a Heretic Monday is an unofficial weekly holiday that takes place on the Monday of every week, wherein Christians are allowed and encouraged to ask extremely difficult questions about their faith, even those that relate to the very pillars of their beliefs. This might take the form of a letter to a spiritual leader, an informal discussion with a friend, a Heresy Dinner with a group, or simple introspection.

I celebrate this almost every week, and have for two years. It’s challenged me, helped me grow, and given me an excuse to have conversations with others that go beyond surface-level “Nice weather we’re having.”

A Few Important Notes

Important Thing 1: This is not really heresy. I call it “Be a Heretic Monday” because “Be a Thoughtful Christian and Combat Anti-intellectual Stereotypes Monday” is not catchy at all. For an official definition of heresy, see the following really interesting article.

On the other hand, I also believe that words change in meaning based on how people use them and what they think of when they hear them. And some Christians tend to think that asking questions and having doubts amounts to what they would call heresy. So I’m not changing the name. Not yet, anyway.

Important Thing 2: Questions should not be asked or answered in an arrogant way. I did this once (probably several times). It is not fun at all to have a discussion with someone who already has an opinion and simply wants to kick everyone else down, drag them over to their opinion, and tie them firmly to it with ropes of pretentious logic and really loud declarations that they are right.

Okay, that’s extreme. Sometimes, humility is hard, and it’s a pretty subtle art. Here are a few guidelines that have helped me be a little more gracious instead of the jerk I tend to be.

Important Thing 3: These questions are fun. I think they are even important, for the reasons I listed before. But they are not the main thing. The main thing is loving God and loving others. Don’t forget the main thing.

There’s a crash course on Be a Heretic Monday for you. But don’t just celebrate by reading this blog. Think! Discuss! Challenge! Read! Change your mind! Ask questions!

Because all of these things can be acts of worship.


    1. Judith, no, it doesn’t have to be just Christians. Since I’m a Christian, most of my questions are going to be specific to my faith, but it would be wonderful if people of all faiths, political parties, cultures, etc. thoughtfully considered what they believed. Gracious conviction is a beautiful thing.

  1. Hi just wanted to flag up the notes on the intimidating proverbial woman found in the AMP version, envisioned by Frances Siewart (1881-1967), a woman, which I found encouraging. She draws our attention to the main value of this unattainable woman -that she fears the Lord. “It is most unfortunate that this description of God’s idéal woman is usually confined in reader’s minds merely to it’s literal sense-her abilty as a homemaker…it is obvious that far more than that is meant. When the summary of What makes her life “far above rubies” is given…..(prov31:30) it is her spiritual life only that is mentioned” Phew! Seriously please read it in this version, it really helps, honest😊

    1. So true! I actually appreciate Proverbs 31 because of how much it shows the value of women for more than their appearance (even the slightly unrealistic list of stuff she does). But you’re right, the bottom line, the “point” is verse 30. Which is significantly more attainable.

  2. Hi Judith-wow on your post about Ecclesiastes. I am so prone to be a participant, a know it all. God forgive me. I spend a lot if time speaking, not listening to God and others more wise than I.

    Can you please explore forgiving and forgetting hurts? I am walking in obedience to the Word in forgiving and praying for blessings on my friend. How do I move on and quit remembering my friend in negative ways?

  3. Hi Amy! I enjoy reading your posts every week. I got started looking at your blog because a friend showed me your Valentine’s Day cards, which I found hysterical and shared with most of my friends. I was wondering, have you ever done any “Galentine’s Day” cards? I’ve started celebrating Galentine’s Day with my ladies’ Bible study group and it’s been a pretty fun evening. We have waffles and whipped cream, and I normally make everyone sarcastic greeting cards for the occasion.

    1. How fun! So glad to have you reading, Cameron! My Valentine set this year from the Great British Baking Show could be applied for Galentine’s, but I like the idea of doing a special set some year. Thanks for the suggestion. (And your party sounds fun!)

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